TextSheet Alternatives 2020 – Top 5 TextSheet Alternatives

Textsheet was one of the most popular educational platform. On this website users was get enhanched solutions that asked by the users. And this questions and answers was really helps students in therir daily homework and other educational resources, however it is now not available on the internet right now. So I’m today share with you Textsheet alternatives websites which helps you in upcoming days.

Here you can find a quite of bit textsheet alternative forums are now available on the internet which can you use for your studies.

People now thinking why the Textsheet website shut down accidentally? OS here some points behind the reasons.

textsheet websites alternative

Textsheet is an online education platform which used to help collage and school students to find solution to theur academic problems as well. The website is used to helps students with their homework and assignments at free of cost.

as a user you may thinking you can get easily any sort of information without paying for books and research papers.

Textsheets are also used to provide answers for the Chegg online practice papers by fetching solutions using the Chegg API.

Why Textsheet Goes Down?

Mainly this website scraps other popular website and gathers answers on its database, and this thing violating copyright laws. As a result, you can see the Chegg filed a complaint against them.

Chegg was forced to shut down the Textsheet. The Thexsheet website was using Chegg API to scrap answers and saved on the Textsheet database and provided free of cost.

How Textsheet Works?

Texthseet used to work by using API technology. It used Chegg’s API to scrape solutions for user’s queries. As a user, you had to enter your query in the search bar, and then the API used to fetch details and offer it to you free of cost.

Textsheet Alternatives Websites – 5 Best Textsheet Alternatives

Now here you know that there are no ways you can access the Textsheet website. So you have to its the alternative website of textsheet.

1.  Slader.com

Slader is one of the most popular platforms is now, and it is now most popular platform around the US students, and it is a perfect Textsheet alternative.

Slader also improving day by day and covering a lot of students. However on the website you will get to see a lot of advertisement, and if you’re not like this type of advertisement you can purchase a subscription by spending around $2 USD to get rid.

2. Crazy For Study

Crazy For Student is also of the most popular platform which also you can use. This website mainly focus for High School and Collage Students. You can use this website for completing your homework and assignments.

The website also provides text book solutions, over 50 millions of books they have stored, which means you can find your favorite books here easily.

3. Chegg

One of the best Textsheet alternative and there are no doubt because Textsheet also uses Chegg API to scraping books and questions and answers.

The Chegg is an American education platform that helps you to find high school questions and solutions, As well as college students, can also use this website for their homework and assignments too.

4. SparkNotes

SparkNote is also one of the alternatives of Textsheet. On this website, you will get lessons for various courses and guides across a wide range of school subjects.

Also, the site happens to be a very old one. This website was started at 1999 and later it was acquired by Barnes & Noble in 2001.

This website is an online platform to buy books, also you can use this website for Test Prep Service. This website mainly focusing for American Students and prepare for different competitive tests such as SAT.

5. PaperHelp

The paperhelp is an excellent alternative to Textsheet. The website arrived at 2008 and offers Instead of letting you buy books, it helps those students who need help in studying and writing a research paper. PaperHelp will help you with your research paper despite being the subject, your school or college.

Also, they do take care of the privacy and details of yours. So you can be sure that all your data will be confidential. Once you play your order on the website, the site will complete your assignment and ship it at your doorstep. It also has affordable pricing, which will go easy on your pocket.

Final Words

So that was all for the Textsheet. Textsheet was an amazing platform for getting study solutions. However, as the website is no longer available, we have no other option but we have to rely on Texthseet alternatives.

So go ahead and check out the alternatives and see how they are working for you. Also, if there is anything you want to ask, just ask your queries in the comment, and I will try to answer.

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